Baltic regional analysis – post insolvency

The Globe and Mail is reporting on the outlook for the Baltics.
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Insolvent Haiti’s post-disaster debt

The recent earthquake in Haiti is a disaster of epic proportions. It is a humanitarian disaster with an estimated 200,000 dead. It has also caused a catastrophic collapse in confidence in the Haitians’ ability to repay their debts. Haiti is now an insolvent sovereign, by way of natural disaster.

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Ukraine gets US$2bn loan from IMF

According to Forbes, Ukraine is getting the $2B remaining from its IMF loan. According to the article the loan had been on hold because of decisions in the Ukraine to increase the minimum wage (among other factors) and the decision by the IMF to give out the money was pending. Apparently the decision was made on the basis that Ukraine needed the funds in order to pay its gas bill and continue supplying Western Europe with natural gas from Russia.
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