The Sovereign Insolvency World Map

I’ve created a web page called the Sovereign Insolvency World Map, which visualizes the data in a spreadsheet of sovereign defaults. This idea came from similar maps published by Philip Wood Q.C..

The Sovereign Insolvency World Map is a work in progress. Improvements that I would ideally like to see included in the page someday include:

  • More comments on the specific defaults, including amounts and related politics and socioeconomic events (causes & effects)
  • A “source” linked to every default that indicates the source for our knowledge about this default
  • The ability to select a range of years where defaults have occurred
  • Different colours depending on the “era” in which default occurred, or whether it was a foreign or domestic default
  • The addition of banking defaults and other financial crises (eg recessions)

The Sovereign Insolvency World Map web-page, source code and the related data in the spreadsheet are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License so that others may fork and build upon it. The source for the application is available on