Article: Kunibert Raffer

Kunibert Raffer (homepage), at the Department of Economics in the University of Vienna, has generously provided copies of the following papers for posting to this blog.

  1. Internationalizing US Chapter 9 Insolvency: Economic Problems in Need of Legal Conceptualisation (1992) (PDF). This article appears in S.R. Chowdhury, E. Denters and P.J.I.M. de Waart (eds), The Right to Development in International Law, Kluwer Academic Press/ Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 1992, pp.397-410
  2. The Bretton Woods Institutions and the Rule of Law: An Urgent Good Governance Issue (2008) (PDF). This article is published in Economic and Political Weekly XLIII(38), 20-26 September 2008, pp.49ff
  3. Considerations for Designing Sovereign Insolvency Procedures. Citation: Raffer, K, ‘Considerations for Designing Sovereign Insolvency Procedures’, 2005 (1) Law, Social Justice & Global Development Journal (LGD) (PDF). <>
  4. Solving Sovereign Debt Overhang by Internationalising Chapter 9 Procedures (2001) (PDF). An earlier version of this article appears in Arbeitspapier 35, OeIIP (Oesterreichisches Institut fuer Internationale Politik/ Austrian Institute for International Affairs), Vienna as Arbeitspapier 35 in June 2001